September 11 Memorial Flags

Our lives changed forever on the morning of September 11, 2011, when terrorist attacks devastated New York City’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Since September 11, 2011, countless troops have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war zones around the world.

Each year, on September 11, we honor the victims of the September 11 attacks and those troops who have sacrificed their lives for our safety. Since September 11, Americans have become increasingly patriotic and Online Stores has supported Americans in the military by donating flags, flagpoles, and pins, among other items.

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Cities around the country are planning memorial events to honor the victims of the attacks and American troops in combat. Online Stores has a variety of beautiful September 11 memorial flags to help you make the day more meaningful.

The USA 9/11 Flag

The USA 9/11 flag is designed based upon the United States flag. Instead of the traditional blue, fifty-star Union field, however, the USA 9/11 flag features an embroidered image of the New York City Skyline with the Twin Towers, white stars, and the date, September 11, 2011. The flag is 3’x5’ with sewn stripes and durable brass grommets.

Always remember....

The 9/11 Always Remember flag is a beautiful way to honor the victims of the September 11 attacks. The nylon flag features red and white stripes at the top and bottom, a blue image of the Statue of Liberty, and the following poem:

Remember the heroes,
born at ground zero.
Remember the price,
so many still pay.
Move on, face forward,
but remember the day.

Always Remember 9-11

This flag is available in the large 3’x5’ size and a vertically oriented garden size.

The 9/11 Remembrance flag features bold images of the New York City and Twin Towers skyline, red and white stripes disappearing into the horizon, and blue stars in the background. The words “Always remember 9/11” appear in the foreground of the flag, with the “11” designed to look like the Twin Towers. This flag is also available in 3’x5’ or garden size.

The 9/11 We Will Never Forget flag is specifically designed to honor the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The nylon flag features a photograph of the New York City skyline in the foreground and images of a police hat and firefighter’s hat in the upper left corner. The text “We Will Never Forget 2001-2011” appears in the upper right corner in bold white letters. This flag is made from top quality fabrics and can be used inside or outdoors.

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