Koralex II American Flags

Many people who want to fly American flags want the look of the traditional cotton flags, but without the fading and fraying. American Flags made from Koralex II is the perfect solution. Koralex II is a polyester material that looks like coarse cotton, but it won’t fade or fray. These flags are loved by our customers, receiving many five-star reviews. They’re also manufactured by Valley Forge, the same company that has been manufacturing American flags for governmental and military use for decades. Read on to learn more about our great selection of Koralex II American flags.Valley Forge Koralex II 2-ply 10x15ft

The 3-foot by 5-foot Valley Forge Koralex II 2-Ply Sewn Polyester American Flag is a great option for customers looking for a traditional and durable American flag.  Manufactured by Valley Forge, this flag is 100% made in the United States. The Koralex II material is spun polyester, the most durable material available for flags, and it adds life to the flag by resisting fraying and fading, even in areas that experience extreme weather. The flag features a durable nylon header and brass grommets. With a 6-month warranty, you can’t go wrong with this flag. Order one of these great flags today for only $24.95, a savings of over 50% off the list price.

We also have Koralex II flags in large sizes with additional options available. The 20-foot by 30-foot Valley Forge Koralex II 2-Ply Sewn Polyester American Flag, has all the great features of the smaller Koralex II flags, with additional customizations. Our larger flags feature beautiful appliqued stars and sewn stripes. Additional options include adding fly end corners, a top roped header with grommets, and a top roped header with reinforced patches. These flags are available at unbeatable prices, too. Our 20-foot by 30-foot flag is $638.60, a savings of over $440 off the list price.

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