Super Tough Polyester American Flags

Are you looking for a flag that looks great and won’t fade or fray with extreme weather? At the United States Flag Store, we have manufactured our own Super Tough Brand of American Flags to answer your needs. These great flags are 100% made in the United States by the United States Flag Store and aren’t available from any other vendor. The polyester used in these flags is a special high-tech fabric that resists fading or fraying. Read on to learn more about our great selection.Super Tough 3x5

The 3-foot by 5-foot Super Tough Brand Polyester American Flag is the perfect option for customers looking for a durable but economical American flag. This flag is designed to resist fraying even in areas that experience high winds and is the best option for flags that are outdoors 24/7. The flag features embroidered stars and sewn strips for a beautiful and authentic appearance, and a canvas heading and brass grommets for added durability. With five-star ratings from our customers, you can’t go wrong with this flag. Order one today for only $25.70, a savings of over $16 off the list price.

Koralex IIIf you’re looking for a larger flag with the same durability, the Koralex II Flags from Valley Forge are an excellent option. Koralex II is a spun polyester that is one of the most durable materials for flags available. We also have custom options available for larger flags. The 10-foot by 15-foot Koralex II American Flag from Valley Forge, for example, features beautifully embroidered stars and sewn stripes. With this flag, you can choose to order as is, with fly end corners, with a top header and brass grommets, or with a top header and reinforced patches. This beautiful flag is available for only $189, a savings of nearly 50% off the list price.

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